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Ian is an experienced and accomplished public speaker - book him now for an entertaining , evocative, educational, and exhilirating talk.  He has been giving talks on the Anglo Zulu war for over thirty years and enfuses them with enthusiasm, humour and an encyclopedic knowledge of this fascinating subject, enlivened with personal anecdotes of travel in Zululand.  Ian has honed his story-telling skills leading tours of the battlefields and in a number of television documentaries, and has led public events at museums like the National Army Museum in London and Brecon Museum in Wales. He has shared a platform at the Royal Geographical Society with the late John Aspinall and has delivered talks to historical societies, regimental associations, after-dinner clubs and schools. Talks can be tailored to a particular subject and perspective - this is history at its most entralling, and it has many lessons for history buffs, military enthusiasts, those seeking an insight into the background of modern South Africa as well as businessmen, tactitians and implementors in todays complex world.  


Some Sample Talks; 


Isandlwana; How the Zulus Humbled the British Empire


Rorkes Drift ; the truth behind the famous movie 'Zulu'


Lord Chelmsford; Incompetent or out-generalled?


The Zulu Royal House and the Challenge of the British Invasion


Business Lessons From the Battle of Isandlwana!



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Ian Knight




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