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All The Glamour of Hollywood; Working on the extras for 'Zulu Dawn'

     I must admit I've always had a soft spot for Zulu Dawn. My own interest - in the history of the Zulu people, not just the Anglo-Zulu War itself - was, as I've said before, sparked by seeing Zulu back in 1964, when I was a kid. I remember sitting in a cinema in Brighton - possibly the old Regent, long since gone - being almost swallowed up by the seat folding in on itself, and feeling dwarfed by the huge widescreen, which towered above me and seemed to completely frame my field of vision.

ZULU DAWN Released on Blu-Ray 12 March

     I've just heard that Zulu Dawn is to be released in a blu-ray and DVD combo pack on 12 March (2013) by Severin Films. Apparently it's only officially released in the US, but it's a region-free disc, so should play everywhere, and you will be able to get it via Amazon.

A Wedding at iSandlwana

Across the valley, there were dark grey clouds blowing up on the horizon, and the intense afternoon light picked out the cairns spilling out over the nek below iSandlwana so that they glowed almost unnaturally against the last of the brown winter grass. The spring rains would be coming soon - sooner, perhaps, than we wanted, as lightning began to play across the distant ridges and a few plashy drops pattered in the dust.


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