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Great Zulu Commanders

Though their fierce and effective battles have become legendary, most of the Zulu commanders remain faceless, often unfairly stereotyped as "noble savage warriors". Look beyond this misleading image and explore the lives, personalities, careers and tactics of the individual leaders who created and defended the Zulu kingdom. This book offers biographies of Zulu generals ranging from  the celebrated Shaka Zulu to King Cetshwayo, who guided the anti-British strategy in 1879; from Ntshingwayo kaMahole, who commanded at iSandlwana, to Cetshwayo's son, Dinuzulu, the last Zulu king to lead men into battle himself; and finally Chief Bambatha, who headed the last resistance to colonial rule. Their stories, and others, span the rise and fall of this mighty kingdom, and provide insights into the struggle against European encroachment.