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A Walk on the Hlobane

A friend of mine - who has an effortless knack of upstaging my own travel stories - recently remarked that he had never managed to visit the summit of the Hlobane mountain without something untoward happening. His first adventure there had happened as long ago as 1959, when he was still a lad, growing up in Durban with his ex-pat parents.

The Ghosts of the Nkandla Forest

I’ve recently returned from leading this year’s Holts tour of the Anglo-Zulu War battlefields. The tour is undoubtedly the most comprehensive of its type available and it takes in not only all the battlefields from the 1879 war but a great many other sites from Zulu history as well, and it has grown organically over the years.

All The Glamour of Hollywood; Working on the extras for 'Zulu Dawn'

     I must admit I've always had a soft spot for Zulu Dawn. My own interest - in the history of the Zulu people, not just the Anglo-Zulu War itself - was, as I've said before, sparked by seeing Zulu back in 1964, when I was a kid. I remember sitting in a cinema in Brighton - possibly the old Regent, long since gone - being almost swallowed up by the seat folding in on itself, and feeling dwarfed by the huge widescreen, which towered above me and seemed to completely frame my field of vision.


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