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Anglo-Zulu War Links

The following sites I have found to be useful and offer further information on the Anglo-Zulu war. Our tours are run by Holts battlefield Tours


The Anglo-Zulu War Historical Society is the foremost society devoted to the study of the war; it publishes an on-line journal twice a year and organises occassional events. It can be found at

There are two very good on-line discussion forums relating to the Anglo-Zulu War which, between them, cover a wide range of topics and interest levels, from beginner to professional historian. They are and

There are, of course, many wonderful places to stay should you visit the battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal but my personal favourite - both because of the wonderful ambiance, the stunning location (it looks out directly over the battlefield) and because of its proactive involvement with the local community - is Isandlwana Lodge,

There are several Museums in the UK which are well worth visiting for their collections of artefacts relating to the war. First among these is the Museum of the Royal Welsh in Brecon, which has recently revamped its Zulu War Room. Among the items to be seen there are the Victoria Crosses won by members of the 24th Regiment at Rorke's Drift. Their website, too, is being updated but can be found at

The Royal Engineers also played a prominant part in the war - both Anthony Durnford and John Chard were Engineers - and their Museum includes a fascinating case of relevent material including Chard's revolver and a bullet removed from Durnford's body. Some of their Anglo-Zulu War collection is illustrated on their website,

There are a number of important items, too, in the collection of the National Army Museum, Chelsea, London, with on-line material at


For collectors of medals and militaria connected with the Anglo-Zulu and other South African campaigns, often offers some interesting pieces.

For collectors of toy soldiers William Britains produce a very extensive range of evocative Rorke's Drift and iSandlwana models which I have been privileged to advise upon -

Although not particularly of Anglo-Zulu interest, anyone with a wider interest in military history - and the writing of it - is recommended to Dr Adrian Goldsworthy's site, Adrian's speciality is the Roman Empire, but he also writes fiction set in the Napoleonic Wars.